Heat & Humidity Sticking Around

The heat and humidity that we’ve been experiencing across the Stateline over the past few days will stick around as we wrap up the month of August.  While Wednesday’s high temperatures were generally in the upper 80s—a handful of degrees cooler than the previous three days—the humidity was high and it felt hotter because of it.


This will be the case on Thursday as highs climb back into the upper 80s (reaching 90 for a few areas south of Rockford).  Our heat index, however, will rise into the low-to-mid 90s.  Things will really heat up on Friday as a warm front pushes its way back through the region.  Highs will reach the lower 90s with a heat index approaching 100 degrees.  With a slight increase in moisture in our atmosphere and a frontal boundary draped across central Wisconsin, a few isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible Friday.

Low 90s will continue on Saturday and possibly Sunday (depending upon how quickly another cold front comes through on the first day of September).  While a very slight chance of rain exists on Saturday, a better chance will come on Sunday with the cold front.  Rainfall totals are not very promising.  Models suggest less than half an inch of rainfall over the next five days, with most models giving us far less than that.  Thanks to our weather pattern, most of the moisture will stay well to our north, riding along the jet stream.  Moisture will also be suppressed far to our south along the Gulf Coast, due to the hot and dry ‘dome’ centered across the middle section of the United States.wknd3

After the cold front moves through on Sunday, our airmass will be siginificantly less hot and humid. Labor Day is poised to have below normal temperatures!


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