Drought conditions will persist well into October

You’ve gotta wonder when we’ll make up for the lack of rainfall. With the latest model guidance in, we’re not set for any gang-buster rains until at least the second week of October! Consider this, if we don’t get into a wet pattern until November or December, we could be making up for our summer and fall deficit in the form of winter storms!

tempHere’s a look at the latest #GFS model for Rockford. Over the next 16 days, we are set to receive 1.44 inches of rainfall. However on average we should see 1.72 inches over that timeframe. While models are subject to change, the overall pattern looks pretty dry.

This isn’t as bad as getting drought conditions in June and July when the crops are growing, but it does make a difference when we look at area water tables (still low from last year’s drought).

untitledHere’s a look at the seven day precipitation forecast for the whole country. There is good news here: Drought-stricken areas of Texas and Louisiana are set to get some healthy rains. The unfortunate part of it is the cool front approaching from the west this weekend may rain itself out before it gets here. We’ll see! -Eric


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This post was written by qni_it on September 23, 2013

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