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It’s Friday once again and that means Friday Night Football! This is shaping up to be one comfortable evening, whether you’ll be in the stands or in the pads on the field. Temperatures will be up near 70 degrees at kickoff and only drop into the mid 60s by the time the games all wrap up. The only factor that could come into play will be the wind, gusts could reach up to 20mph in some spots during the games, but other that than, enjoy the night! One week from today, kickoff temperatures are likely to be in the 40s. Capture
We gave you a look ahead at last night’s Bears game, now here is a look ahead to the upcoming Packers road game out in Baltimore this Sunday. There is a 40% chance that rain could be a factor during the matchup with temperatures holding steady in the mid to upper 60s throughout the game. Capture2 -Greg


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