Arctic air absent through Wednesday

Temperatures will be on the rebound of sorts for a few days. No, we won’t have record highs, but at least it will be more tolerable. Friday morning’s low temperature was 11° in Rockford. Over the next few days, we’ll stay in the 20s and 30s at night with 30s, 40s, and possibly 50s for highs through Wednesday.

WORKINGAGAINSOur attention will turn to some moisture coming in Monday and Tuesday. While daytime temperatures are expected to be well above freezing, the drizzle that will fall at night could occur when temperatures are below freezing. Some minimal road impacts will be possible. But the extensive cloudiness will keep our temps in check both days.

snowloversOn Wednesday, we’ll see a strong south wind. This will usher in Gulf moisture as well as a warmer brand of air. Will shoot for 50° right now with a strong wind coming in behind a cold front. This means temps will take a tumble on Thursday and Friday with the cold air likely continuing through the following weekend.

No accumulating snows are foreseen in the coming week (unless somehow we get temperatures colder for Monday and Tuesday and turn that drizzle into light snow…not likely). -Eric


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