Cold weather: here to stay for a while

lockedchillyThe weather pattern won’t give us many chances to warm up over the next week or two. With the passage of a cool front early Tuesday morning, we’ll stay in a northwest-flow situation. That’s where the jet stream forms a ridge in the Western United States and a trough in the east. Being in the center part of the country, we’ll have a prevailing wind out of the northwest. This brings us glancing blows of cold air. However, northwest-flow doesn’t usually bring us much precipitation. Incidentally, this is the pattern that brings us the famous “Alberta Clippers!” But none of those are foreseen around our airspace this week. Well, nothing that’s going to bring us more accumulating snow.

There will be some briefly milder air for the weekend before another surge of Canadian air. And if you’re wondering, it looks active in the first few weeks of December. Quite possibly, that’s the timeframe for Winter Storm Number One!

Have a great night and be careful on the roads. -Eric


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This post was written by qni_it on November 25, 2013

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