Snowy 36 Hours

radarHere we are in the midst of our next round of wintry weather! Instead of the real heavy, wet snow, the next day and a half will bring us a very fluffy variety of snow.

First tonight: Snow is likely through the wee hours of Tuesday. Around an inch of snow is expected. But be aware that road chemicals are less effective for every degree below 20°. Tonight’s temperature will be in the low single-digits which means it will be that much tougher to melt the snow on the roads. Be careful!
Tonight’s batch will be over shortly after 10pm, completely done by midnight.

Our next winter event arrives around 2pm Tuesday and lasts for a little more than 24 hours. Unfortunately, this will have huge implications on anyone heading to a New Year’s Eve party. On Facebook, I posted something I’d like to share here.

NYEThere will be 3-4 inches of new snow when we ring in 2014 tomorrow night. Here in the Midwest, we can handle that just by slowing down. 

However, the roads will become extremely dangerous for anyone who thinks they can drink and drive. It’s my job to warn you of dangerous weather conditions. Snow and drunk drivers will make for a nasty combination tomorrow night. 

I don’t want to hear a news anchor saying your name on Wednesday’s news. I definitely don’t want to hear the names of the people you killed because you got behind the wheel drunk. 

Be smart and plan who your designated driver will be. Please, do it tonight!

totalaccumIt looks like we’ll have about 3-4 inches of new snow as we ring in 2014. Another a few inches will fall Wednesday morning bringing totals into the 4-8 inch range. The map to the left shows snowfall accumulation including tonight’s inch from Futuretrack. The RPM model (down and to the right) shows a similar result. Higher totals are possible directly over Chicago, due to a NNE wind off of Lake Michigan Wednesday.


And then get this: Another 1/2-1″ is possible through the day on Thursday. There’s definitely no shortage of snow and cold in our forecast!


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