10 Things You Could Have Done During The Streak Below Zero

We have now gone over 30 hours without seeing a our temperature at or above zero. This isn’t our longest streak for the winter which is at 40 hours set earlier this month, but it is still pretty impressive. If you’re like me, the colder it gets, the less motivated you are to do anything productive. Aside from work, I have closed up shop the past day and a half and gone into hibernation. Here is a look at 10 things we all techincally could have accomplished in the 30 hours we have been below zero. Granted, you’d have to really book it to get a few done, but let’s daydream shall we?10

In 30 hours you could…

1)   Take up a new craft: a recreational pilot’s license can typically be aquired in 30 hours.

2)   If you don’t want to learn how to fly, you could hop on a plane to China, have an authentic Chinese dinner, fly back and still have some time to spare.

3)   Though the weather isn’t ideal… or even remotely near safe, we technically could play 7 straight rounds of of golf (with a beverage and hot dog at each turn).

4)   Feeling really ambitious? 30 hours is long enough to complete an entire semester of one college course.. without the homework, stress and the extracurricular parties.. I mean activities!

5)   Are you a nerd? I am! Shocker right? This would be my pick.. In 20 hours you could watch all six Star Wars films beginning to end. TWICE. May the Force (and many bathroom breaks) be with you.

6)   Want to get a little exercise in with your 30 hours? Take a walk. You would make it all the way to Chicago before you ran out of time.

7)   Don’t want to exercise? Then indulge your sweet tooth. You could bake roughly 180 batches of chocolate chip cookies, and become my new best friend.

8)   You could make $86,000 in 30 hours, if you’re Alex Rodriguez. Wait.. he might not be either! Poor Alex.. but it makes me feel slightly warmer knowing that I’m not missing out!

9)   All you music junkies out there could listen to 600 songs at roughly 3 minutes a piece, or In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 100 times on a continuous loop.. if you dare.

10)   If I scratch my Star Wars DVDs this is option two. You could drive from Rockford to either Chicago airport, hop on a plane and fly to Orlando. When you arrive, you could drive to Disney World, ride every single attraction in all 4 parks, lay out at the pool for 6 hours to acquire a nice tan (burn), drive back to the Orlando airport and fly home. Though you better be the Mouse’s best friend or good luck with that 3 hour Space Mountain queue line.

So next time we encounter another deep freeze or stretch of bad weather, let’s not be so pessimistic, there is always something to do with our time.

-Greg Bobos


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This post was written by qni_it on January 28, 2014

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