Brief Relief (Return to Snow)

What a difference a week can make! Our temperatures are holding steady in the 30s, and if we see enough sunshine those could push to 40 in most areas! Lsat week at this exact time we were dealing we wind chills in the negative 40s. If you do the math, yes we FEEL roughly 70-80 degrees warmer today than we did a week ago. This is only a temporary break from winter though. snowwwfall¬†Snow returns to the forecast as soon as tonight. The first flakes will start mainly after midnight and linger into tomorrow. When all is said and done, Rockford will see 1-2″ with just over 3″ possible for Southern Wisconsin. On the back side of the clipper system that will bring the snow, temperatures will remain in the teens for highs on Wednesday. Enjoy today while it lasts! – Greg


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This post was written by qni_it on January 13, 2014

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