Near-record cold possible next week

26.6 inches of snow fell in Rockford on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. This brings our seasonal total up to 20.6 inches. If that seems like a lot to you, you’re right. Last year we only had 2.1 inches of snow through New Year’s Day. In a typical winter season, 13.3 inches is normal to date.

But if you’re tired of shoveling snow, you’re in luck because only a few inches of snow are in the offing for the next 7 days. Really, the only chance for any accumulating snow will be Saturday night into Sunday. It doesn’t look like it will be a big deal, with 1-2 inches expected. However, there could be a period of some light freezing drizzle. We’ll cover that more in later blog posts.

frigidThe first night with extreme cold will be Thursday night. Temperatures could dip below -15 degrees. But the bigger cold comes next week. Our models are indicating temperatures in the -20s are possible. I’m going to stop short of the -20 mark as models tend to overdo the cold in the 4-7 day range. Still, it’s something we will need to monitor closely. And there is no noticeable difference between -18 and -22 anyway, especially if there’s any lick of wind.

3For reference, the cold we’re forecasting next week is quite rare. We could easily break some daily records. But the all-time records are within reach as well (if the models are right).

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Rockford occurred on January 10, 1982 when we dipped to -27. The coldest afternoon high temperature occurred on January 18, 1994. And finally, the coldest in the state of Illinois was -36 degrees, set in Congerville (between Bloomington and Peoria).


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