Second biggest winter storm of the season!

snowThe biggest snow of the season came on December 31-January 1 when a little more than six inches of snow fell across the Rock River Valley. Back on December 22nd, we got 5 inches. So it’s quite likely that Saturday’s snow will be the second most snow we get out of any system. The graphic to the left shows the probability of snowfall in the Rockford area. The bigger the number, the higher the likelihood we get that much snow. Easy to see that the 5 and 6 are biggest which means we have a high likelihood of getting that much snow.

snowHere’s a look at some hometown numbers. Note that the higher amounts are forecast to be south of I-88. In that area, a Winter Storm Warning is in effect. All other areas are in a Winter Weather Advisory. The snow will ramp up during the predawn hours of Saturday. An inch or two is likely for the early morning. Snow will become heaviest around 10am Saturday when it will come down at a very good clip! In fact, some 1-2″ per hour snows are possible during the mid-morning. However, this won’t last too long as the snow will taper off in the late afternoon.

We’d love to hear what’s happening where you are. If you have something to report, snowfall measurements or road conditions, let Joe Astolfi and me know via Twitter. @wxjoea @ericsorensen


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This post was written by qni_it on January 31, 2014

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