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Much of our area saw a good soaking on Friday (and extremely icy roads, unfortunately).  If you lived in northern Illinois along and east of the Rock River, rainfall totals were pretty hefty.  At Chicago Rockford International Airport, 0.87″ of rain fell into the gauge.

Friday Rain Totals

Friday Rain Totals

This brought our total precipitation (including rain and snow water equivalent) for the month of January up to 1.30″.  How does this compare to normal? Well, our climatological average for January is 1.37″ of precipitation.  So we’ve already picked up almost our entire monthly average, even with more than half of the month to go!

Snowfall for January currently sits at 6.1″ which is about 3″ more than expected.  Seasonally speaking, RFD picked up 24.8″ of snow this Winter, which is about 8 inches more than expected.  Remember last year?  At this time, we had only picked up 2.1″ of snow—twelve times less snow than this season!  Our next chance for accumulating snow comes Monday overnight and Tuesday.

Snow / Precipitation Climatology

Snow / Precipitation Climatology

Looking at temperature trends, January has been well below average.  Currently, our average high sits at 18 degrees; our average low sits at -1 degree.  Statistically speaking, our average high and low should be around 30 degrees and 14 degrees, respectively.  Looking ahead to the rest of January, there are no imminent signs of a major warm up or Arctic outbreak (like the start of the month).  Much like the week ahead, we’ll have to deal with minor temperature fluctuations.  There will be some slightly above average days and slightly below average days.



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