Snow Zone comes closer next week

7DAYArctic high pressure will continue to dominate the weather over the Upper Midwest this week. There will be two reinforcing shots of colder air, but the pattern won’t be enough to get the snow going. So, look for more of the same here for a few days. And we may be talking about more record-breaking cold as these numbers are just about as cold as we can get here in the last week of February.

snowFor those of you who are still craving more snow, (are there still any of you out there?) there are some indications we could be near the “snow zone” next week. A series of low pressure systems will move from the Southern Plains into the Mid-Atlantic states. The highest chance for snow will be in a zone from St. Louis to Cleveland.

No big shocker since our winter has been either cold or snowy. But those signs of spring still remain a distant possibility on the long-range outlooks. -Eric


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