Dangerously cold early Wednesday

2Temperatures will dip to around -9° with peak wind chills near -25°. That is cold enough that exposed skin will only need 20 minutes to succumb to frostbite! Usually, when we dip below zero here in Northern Illinois, it’s a result of a cold, Canadian high pressure system overhead. However, this go-around we’ve got a stiff northwesterly wind. That will cause insult to injury for anyone who has to be up around sunrise Wednesday.
The wind chill will stay below zero all day, even with sunshine and temperatures in the teens.

1This extreme cold is out of the ordinary in early January. But the calendar will read March in just a few days. Temperatures will be 32° below normal on Thursday. To put that in perspective, it’s like a 50° afternoon in the middle of July. That’s unheard of! Unfortunately, the cooler-than-normal temperatures will stick around through March 11th. -Eric


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