Northern Lights possible tonight

NORTHERNLIGHTSHey skywatchers!

Tonight may be your night to see the Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis). Residents in England caught some dramatic shots of these earlier in the night. As night falls on the eastern part of North America right now, I expect to see some come in. The big question is how far south will they be?

dark-sky-03There’s a pretty decent chance of seeing them in Northern Wisconsin tonight. Here in Northern Illinois? We’ll see! Remember, in order to see the lights you must get away from the city lights and look directly north. Your proximity to a city will decrease your chance to see them because of light pollution (shown in the image to the left). You may see some greens and reds if it intensifies at all. If you see them, click on our Facebook page and let us know! Of course, if you get any camera shots, send them at once (either on Facebook or via e-mail)! space station


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