It’s Been a While

Ample sunshine and a breezy south wind will usher in the mildest temperatures of the year on Sunday.


In fact, that last time our thermometers cracked the 60-degree mark was on November 17, 2013! On that day, our temperature rose to 69 degrees. While upper 60s are out of the question for Sunday, a few spots well south of Rockford could achieve that on Monday.

High near 60°

High near 60°

Monday—while more cloudy (possibly thundery) and very blustery—will see highs push into the middle 60s across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The last time we had back-to-back 60+ degree days was at the end of last October!

Enjoy the last two days of March, because things will cool down into the 40s for the first several days of April!



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This post was written by qni_it on March 29, 2014

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