Tornado touches down in Northwestern Illinois


1901503_10151969495261899_1006802090366936110_nShortly before noon today, a small but powerful supercell thunderstorm formed over western Ogle County and produced a tornado. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the funnel hit the ground along IL26 in northwestern Ogle County, just northwest of the town of Forreston. As is the case with weather systems like this, the tornado didn’t last long and was probably on the ground for just a few minutes. Luckily, the tornado did not near any towns or farms as no damage was reported.

shearToday, a stationary front lies right over Northern Illinois with temperatures near 70 south of the front and 40s in South-Central Wisconsin. This front allowed for thunderstorms to form. There was just enough wind shear (southeasterly wind at ground level with a south-southwesterly wind aloft) to produce a spin-up tornado. While the shear is still present in the atmosphere this afternoon, there aren’t any organized thunderstorms. It’s not likely that we’ll much more than a few quick-passing showers for the remainder of the afternoon.

Quite a few folks have asked if this was a “cold air funnel.” Actually, this was not. This will go down as a true, full-fledged tornado…the first for Northern Illinois this year. The first in the nation for the day, having occurred around noon.

Based on the circulation on radar and eyewitness reports, here is the approximate location of the tornado this afternoon:

We’ll keep watching out today and every day. But the tornado today is a reminder that everyone should have a safety plan! Do you have a weather radio yet?


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