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Good news! Our temperature trend is moving in the positive direction again. The next seven days will see high temperatures much closer to average. The middle of May has an average high in the lower 70s, not the 50s like we’ve witnessed the past week.

The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Sunday will be mostly sunny, mild and pleasant. High temperatures will rise into the upper 60s. Sunday, however, will be the coolest day of the week!

FutureTrack: Sunday afternoon

FutureTrack: Upper 60s on Sunday

An area of high pressure will drift east through the Ohio Valley. Since air moves clockwise around an area of high pressure, we will notice a wind direction with a southerly component. A southerly wind will help warm things up!

Warmer Winds

Warmer Winds

Monday will be very similar to Sunday, in terms of temperature. By mid-week, temperatures will rise well into the 70s and make a run for 80 in a few spots.

FutureTrack: Pushing 70 on Monday

FutureTrack: Pushing 70 on Monday

We will have to watch out for a few isolated shower and thunderstorm chances this week, mainly on Monday night, Tuesday and next Saturday.



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