So long, Rockford

550032_10151663061114167_1410337480_nI started this blog on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, tracking all of the weather ever since. As the Chief Meteorologist, I had a rule that everyone had to update the weather blog once per shift. My apologies that this week I’ve broken my own rule…as I’ve had a lot to do.

A week from Monday (July 7th, 2014) I will begin forecasting the weather for a new TV station in a new town. I am so excited to bring what I’ve learned to WQAD-TV in Moline, Illinois. The move brings me back to mornings, where it all began here at WREX some 10 years ago.

Of all of the jobs I’ve had, I learned the most here. I came with 5 years of experience and leave with 15. I take the job more seriously and I take life more seriously these days. But moving two hours to the southwest means that I will immensely miss my friends, co-workers, and the wonderful people who make up this city, my hometown. I feel sad not because I would’ve done anything different, but because I feel like I’m quitting on all of you. Just remember, I won’t be far away. And I need to be able to bring my talents to the folks in the Quad Cities.

Social Media didn’t exist when I started this job. Now, I’ll be able to continue following the weather for Northern Illinois. Just now, I will add more of Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa! Please find me. I am on Twitter and Facebook. And I promise in the next few weeks I’ll get on Instagram.

Thanks for believing in me for ten years! I will always be proud to say I’m from Rockford.

Be well and keep in touch.

Eric Sorensen


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