Strawberry Moon

The Algonquin Native American tribes of the northern and eastern United States had a unique way of tracking the months and the seasons. Every month has at least one full moon (occasionally a month may have two full moons since the lunar cycle is about 29 days). Every full moon was named after a plant, animal, or weather condition that related to that particular time of year.

For example, the November full moon is called the Beaver Moon. During this time of year, beavers would be actively preparing for winter and the Native Americans would set up their beaver traps before the swamps and creeks froze.


The month of June is known for the Strawberry Moon. The reason behind this name is pretty simple. Berries and other wild fruits begin to ripen at this time of year. The Native Americans knew it would soon be time to gather these berries. Since wild strawberries have such a short harvest season, the full moon took on its name.



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