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We are back in business!  The 13 Weather Blog has been on hiatus for a little while, but you should start to see regular posts on here again.  I promise to not make them as wordy as this one will be, either!

You’ve probably noticed that there are some new faces here at the 13 Weather Authority.  Here’s a quick little introduction for myself, in case you missed it: I’m Chief Meteorologist Alex Kirchner.  I’m originally from Racine, WI, and have spent the majority of my life living in the Midwest.  Before coming to Rockford, I was the morning meteorologist at KCWY in Casper, WY and at WXOW in La Crosse, WI. I’m a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, as awarded by the American Meteorological Society. This means my graphical content, my presentation skills, and my explanation of the weather and the science behind it has been tested and considered high quality by top meteorologists from around the nation.

While the faces have changed, who we are as a weather team has not: The 13 Weather Authority.  We will always strive to be that, day in and day out- the authority you turn to for all things weather, good or bad.

That’s enough out of me for now, so let’s chat about some weather, shall we?

The calendar is almost to the Autumn season, so we are doing a little countdown for the last few days of summer, and providing little tidbits about Summer 2014.  This entry will cover numbers 5 and 4:

Autumn 2014 starts Monday night

Autumn 2014 starts Monday night

It has been an interesting one so far.  At times, the weather has felt more like an extended spring, with very few days of hot, muggy weather.  We still had a handful of typical summer soakers to hit the Stateline, however.

4 days saw rainfall over 1" during Summer 2014

4 days saw rainfall over 1″ during Summer 2014

The four days are were: June 30 (1.32″), July 12 (1.35″), August 1 (1.35″), and August 21, with a whopping 2.24″ of rain.  The August 1st rain set a new record for most rainfall ever on that date.  In general terms, we should end up around to slightly above average for the summer season.  There were plenty of dry stretches in between the days that featured soaking rain.  Overall, that’s a good thing: while not that consistent, we didn’t end up with too much rain, or so little that drought formed.

So there you have it!  Numbers 5 and 4!  We will be bringing to the rest of the facts about Summer 2014 each day as we close in on the Autumn season.




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