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Monday, November 24, 2014: Naturally, most of the focus has been on today’s snowy and windy weather and its impacts on driving conditions. Many of you may be anxiously waiting for the time when you have to catch that flight or hit the road to your Thanksgiving meal. Here’s a holiday-focused forecast for anyone hitting the road early or looking ahead to Thursday.

Tuesday will be dry and cold, so for those of you early birds zooming out of the Stateline already, good news!  Keep an eye on the roads for any lingering icy spots from Monday, and safe travels!

Wednesday will be interesting.  A clipper system will be moving into the Stateline, right on one of the busiest travel days across the country.

Futuretrack's outlook for Wed., Nov. 26

Futuretrack’s outlook for Wed., Nov. 26, 7 AM

A clipper system is a quick hitting storm, so its impacts vary.  Its full name is an Alberta clipper- Alberta from the province in Canada where these storms usually get their start, and clipper in tribute to the fast-moving sailing ships that used to zip along the oceans and seas. As you may have guessed, this is a fast-moving storm, so it doesn’t stick around long enough to drop a ton of snow.  In this case, there is the possibility of light snow for Wednesday, but accumulations will be very light and shouldn’t slow you down much.  There is the possibility that this storm stays to our south, so most of the Stateline and into Chicagoland will be dry.

Futuretrack's outlook for Wed., Nov 26, 7 PM

Futuretrack’s outlook for Wed., Nov 26, 7 PM

The bigger impact in this case is that these storms usually bring in some very chilly air in their wake, and that’s the case this time around too. Thanksgiving Day will be a cold one for a lot of the Midwest.

Holiday forecast for Rockford and the Stateline

Holiday forecast for Rockford and the Stateline

Friday will also feature a slight chance for snow, but like Wednesday, the impacts will be light if we do get anything.  The rest of the weekend looks dry with temperatures varying between the 30’s and low 40’s.

Overall, there should not be much that slows you down, but keep in mind, we had snow today and there may be some on Wednesday, so practice good winter driving habits if the roads aren’t dry.

If you need a quick update right before you head out the door, jump over to and click on the Interactive Radar tab.  Once there, look for the Layers tab at the bottom.

The 13 Weather Authority's Interactive Radar allows you to add layers to the radar, like temperature, snow cover, winds, and road conditions.

The 13 Weather Authority’s Interactive Radar allows you to add layers to the radar, like temperature, snow cover, winds, and road conditions.

You can add the Road Weather layer to the map, giving you a snapshot of the road conditions at that time, as well as over the last hour or so.

Interactive Radar's road conditions layer

Interactive Radar’s road conditions layer

This will hopefully give you a good outlook on how the roads look at your location and at the spot you are heading!  Be sure to stay with the 13 Weather Authority on-air and online leading up to Thanksgiving (and the day’s after for the return trip), and have a safe journey to your destination this week!






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