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Dec. 4, 2014- Earlier this week, I wrote a recap on the cold November we just went through.  Fall 2014 overall wasn’t much different.

We were stuck with plenty of northwest winds in the jet stream, helping steer in cool to downright frigid air in from the north (see the previous entry for details).  It’s no surprise that we have plenty of chilly weather to talk about pertaining to the Fall season, and even less surprising that the only thing above average was the snowfall!

Courtesy National Weather Service Chicago

Courtesy National Weather Service Chicago

(This data is for the meteorological fall season, which is all of September, October, and November.  There are 12 months divided into 4 seasons, which comes to 3 months a season.  If we go off of the meteorological definition, then the seasons seem to line up better with the weather; for example, technically most of December is still considered “Fall” going off of the astronomical date (start of Winter, December 21st), yet December can feature plenty of winter-like days early on!)

While a handful of degrees below average does not seem like much, remember this is an average over 90 days worth of weather, so it takes a lot of cold days to add up to 3 degrees worth of cold!  This ranks Fall 2014 as in the top ten for coldest Falls on record.

Thankfully, we are getting a little break from the cold weather with a mild stretch heading into the first two weeks of December.  We could use a little break after plenty of chilly weather this past season!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on December 4, 2014

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