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Dec. 17, 2014:  Now that we are almost a week out, I’m sure many are anxiously looking at the days ahead in the weather department to see how the weather may affect their holiday drive. We have a few things that may need monitoring.  The situation is still pretty fluid (I’ll explain why in a little bit), but here’s what we may be dealing with in the upcoming week to Christmas (we’ll be revisiting this topic as we get closer, and compare how the forecast can change getting closer to an event).  This is just a general outlook; we’ll provide specifics when we get closer to each storm.

There are two storms that could affect holiday travelers heading to or leaving the Stateline.  The first is a clipper-like system moving out of Canada for early next week.

A clipper system brings a chance for rain and snow early next week.

futuretrack2 A clipper system brings a chance for rain and snow early next week.

The models are differing on how fast and how far north or south to take this system, but in general, we are going to see chances for rain and snow Monday into Tuesday.  Clipper systems usually do not bring much precipitation in the first place, so this storm shouldn’t slow you down much if you are hitting the road ahead of the holiday. Be ready for wet weather, regardless.


The second storm looks to be much stronger on the models.  They also disagree for now on the speed, strength, and placement of the low, but there does look to be wet weather for Christmas in some spots of the nation, especially as you head east into Michigan or toward New York. This storm looks to leave the Stateline alone, but there could be some travel issues ahead if you are leaving the area and heading toward the storm.

stay vigilant

The reason for the uncertainty on the storm tracks? The impulse in the jet stream that will create these storms are still taking shape and are out over the ocean. There are less sensors out over the water versus on the land, which means less data points for the models to mull over before reaching a solution.  As these storms make landfall, the picture can become a lot clearer.

Stay tuned to the forecast, especially over the weekend, for updates, and we’ll make sure we keep you up to speed on how these storms and the forecast is developing.  We want everyone who is traveling to be able to do so safely in order to have a great holiday! – Alex


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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on December 17, 2014

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