Least Snowiest Winters

January 21, 2015: Yesterday I mentioned that we are well below average (by nearly a foot) for snowfall so far this winter. December was a very dry month for snow, ending with only 0.1″ of snowfall, good for the 2nd least snowiest December on record (technically, 5th place- 4 years are tied for first with a trace of snow).

I decided to look up the least snowiest winters on record, just to see where we stand now, and if there is any chance for a record-worthy winter this year, considering we’ve past the halfway point of winter. The list is very interesting:

Top 5 least snowiest winters on record for Rockford (records date back to 1905)

Top 5 least snowiest winters on record for Rockford (records date back to 1905)

I can’t imagine a winter (December, January, and February) with only a little over an inch of snow! That’s our top spot, set 108 years ago. Another fact that stands out to me is that for 2 winters in a row, not much snow fell (1920 to 1922), and that 3 of the top 5 occurred during the 1920’s.

If winter ended today, we’d be in the top 10, with 7.5″ as of today. Of course, we still have month and spare change to go, so we’ll likely end up further down the list. February could be a very snowy month, making up for the lack of snow in December. We will have to revisit this topic on March 1 or soon after, and see just exactly where we ended up.



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