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January 27, 2015: Our current weather pattern meant more of the same today: lots of clouds, dry, and average temperatures near 30 degrees.  We’ll have more of the same tomorrow too, though temperatures will be a little warmer.  Two different extremes were going on in other parts of the country: cold and very snowy on the one end, and record-breaking warmth on the other. Lucky us – we missed out on the “spring fever”…but we also didn’t get a blast of cold (yet).

Here’s the high temperature map from today. 70’s were felt across a lot of the heart of the nation, with records falling in a few spots like Rapid City.

High temperatures for Jan. 27

High temperatures for Jan. 27

Note the high arc (ridge) in the jet stream where the heat is, and the deep dip (trough) where the cold weather is settling in. Those ridges and troughs help dictate our temperatures throughout the year.

Jet stream and satellite and radar for Jan. 27 (8 PM)

Jet stream and satellite and radar for Jan. 27 (8 PM)

Before you get your hopes up, those clouds won’t clear out, nor will we get the record-breaking warmth. The ridge won’t move far into the Midwest, because the powerful, slow-moving storm on the East Coast is causing a “traffic jam” of sorts. It’s slowing up the progression of everything else moving through the jet stream, so our weather won’t change much for Wednesday or Thursday. We will get a dose the milder air to our west in the next two days, but it won’t be as warm as what they had today.  Once the storm moves out from the East Coast, a storm will push south for our area and bring rain for early Thursday.  The milder air sneaking in will keep our precipitation mostly as rain.




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