Soggy Memorial Day Weather

May 26, 2015: The past 3 days have left us feeling a little waterlogged.  Muggy air (meaning plenty of available moisture in the air) and a series of disturbances through the jet stream have produces nearly on and a half inches of rain since Sunday.

1 So where does this leave us for the month of May as a whole?  The weather has been a little soggy, but nothing too far beyond a typical May.


The regular rounds of rain have pulled us a little closer to getting back to average on the year. We now are within 1″ of being on-track for an average amount of precipitation for a calendar year.

Looking ahead to June (which starts next week), a large area of the country from the Rockies to the Deep South should see a wetter-than-average month.


That chance for above average precipitation does extend into Illinois, but not quite to the Stateline. We are in the “equal chances” category, which means we could see either above or below average rainfall.  This usually points toward an average month, which for us means 4.65″ of rain.

– Alex


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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on May 26, 2015

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