Summer Solstice: June 21

June 20, 2015: The astronomical or “official” start of summer is here tomorrow! The summer season begins at 11:38 a.m., and is the longest day of the year.


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The Earth is tilted the most toward the sun in the Northern Hemisphere, giving us the most amount of daylight. In fact, the day is a whopping 6 hours longer than the Winter Solstice, or the shortest day of the year! The sun’s rays are also nearly 5 times stronger during this part of the summer, allowing us to heat up quickly during the day.  As we tilt away from the sun in the coming months, the sun’s rays get weaker as they have to travel a little farther through space to reach us.

Enjoy the extra rays, and here’s to summer!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on June 19, 2015

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