90° days a little lacking this year (again)

July 24, 2015: While it’s been nice to not have to worry about suffering through hot weather for most of the summer, we haven’t seen a lot of 90° days lately.  In fact, you can count the number of days in the 90’s this year and last year on one hand.  This isn’t necessarily uncommon:

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Here’s the number of 90° each year over the last decade (on average, we usually see 16 days in the 90’s during a typical summer). This graph shows how, like with most things in the weather, there’s plenty of ebb and flow with the numbers. We’ve seen a few back-to-back cooler summers, usually followed by an uptick in 90° days.  Sometimes, like in 2012, we get slammed with a ton of days in the 90’s.  Not included on here is 2004, with only one day in the 90’s.  Granted, this is a small sample size, but looking back over the records, the up’s and down’s like this are pretty common.

On the plus side, you should be saving some money again on the energy bill!  We could still get some hot days this year, so 2015’s total may still rise (though it would take a pretty good heat wave to get us back to average).



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on July 24, 2015

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