Completely dry weekends elusive this year

July 28, 2015: While we haven’t had too many washouts this year, there have been a lot more weekends with precipitation than with completely dry weather this year. It’s a little frustrating having to plan around chances for rain almost every weekend, but that’s the curious streak we’ve been on, especially since April.


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Earlier this year, we went about 3 months straight without a completely dry weekend (no rain, either day). Most of those weekends had only one day with rain, but that’s still enough to disrupt any weekend plans. Lately, we’ve seen the streak die down a little, as we’ve essentially been alternating between dry weekends and weekends featuring at least one day with rain chances.

Overall, one around 1/3 of all weekends this year have been completely dry. We’ll keep an eye on this streak to see if it lasts all year, but in the mean time, have a rain back-up plan each weekend!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on July 28, 2015

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