Beautiful week ahead

Sep. 21, 2015: Hope you liked the weather over the weekend, because we will see a lot more of that this week.



A quiet weather pattern has the jet stream winds pulling back to the north, pushing warmer weather in from the west. The “storm track” within the jet stream means rain staying to the west and north.



Get used to a lot of sunshine, thanks to high pressure staying around at the surface. Between the warmer air drifting in and the bright sky, temperatures are going to stay near 80, when our averages are usually closer to 70.


With not much going on this week, is there anything of note coming up? The 1st day of Fall is this Wednesday, as we reach the autumnal equinox. Night and day will be roughly equal, with the nights getting longer than the days after midweek.


We are also about a week away from a brilliant total lunar eclipse.  Because the moon will be a “Supermoon”, the eclipse will extra special to view!

Look for more on the start of the Fall season and this week’s eclipse, and enjoy the quiet weather!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on September 21, 2015

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