Fire and Ice

Oct. 12, 2015:

This week will be book-ended by two weather-related events that can be harmful if you are not careful.


We’ll start with the ‘fire’ end of things: today a few field fires sparked up, with one jumping over to a residential area, because of the wind.  Remember, on windy days, flames, sparks, and embers can spread and be carried quickly by the wind. That means one careless spark can start a fire in a hurry. Not helping matters is the fairly dry brush around the Stateline.  We haven’t had a ton of rain, meaning there’s plenty of dry fuel for fires to consume.


We should have the winds die down by Tuesday night, which will help matters.

The second event is the possibility of widespread frost coming later this week. Between Friday night and Saturday night, conditions will get down to the freezing point or nearby, so start thinking about what plants you may have to cover or bring inside when we get extra chilly this week.


We are a little behind for our first frost.  According to the National Weather Service office in Chicago, Rockford and most of the Stateline usually sees the first frost of the fall between October 1st and the 10th, so we may be getting a bonus week of frost-free weather this year.

– Alex


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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on October 12, 2015

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