Here comes the first winter storm

Nov. 19, 2015: Our 1st storm of the season will barrel into the Stateline starting Friday night and lasting into Saturday morning. Usually the first snowfall catches residents and motorists a little off guard, and this particular storm packs a punch. Because this winter storm will drop several inches of snow over our area, make sure you are ready ahead of the storm; don’t let this storm sneak up on you!

futuretrack 2

Futuretrack showing heavy snowfall after midnight Friday night.

As with yesterday, this forecast may change a little as the storm approaches, but the outlook on the storm’s path, intensity, and timing has come into better focus.

The timing on Friday night's snow storm.

The timing on Friday night’s snow storm.

The storm should arrive after 6 pm in the Stateline, starting out as a rain/snow mix because of warmer lower level air and ground temperatures.  Precipitation should transition quickly to snow after 8 pm, with moderate to heavy snow showers kicking in after midnight. After a night full of heavier snow showers, we see light snow Saturday morning, then dry weather by Saturday afternoon.

Impacts of this incoming winter storm

Impacts of this incoming winter storm

How will that impact you? Besides a lot to shovel or snow blow Saturday morning, the roads will become treacherous late Friday night and Saturday morning. Because snow may be coming down at 1″/hour, the roads will quickly become snow covered, so avoid travel unless necessary late Friday night and early Saturday morning. Thankfully, we avoid heavy snow during the Friday drive home from work, but roads may be wet Friday evening. We should also avoid any freezing rain during the transition to all snow, which helps keep the roads ice-free.

Now that snow has entered the forecast, it would be a good idea to get your home and vehicles ready for snow, even if we don’t see any more for a while after this storm. Here’s a list of items you should have stocked up for the winter, from the National Weather Service:

WinterPrepardness Winter Preparedness2

You may want to get some of these items in your car or truck now, so you can get through this weekend. Start gathering up everything else, so you are ready in case you lose power during the next storm.

If you were thinking of taking off for the holiday this weekend, avoid traveling Friday night and most of Saturday. The weather will be better for travel by Sunday, and stay smooth until the middle of next week, with a few chances for rain pop up between Wednesday and Friday.

Stay with WREX for the latest on this winter storm. Check out for more.




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