Snow Is On The Way

Nov. 18, 2015: It’s been a mild November so far, but head’s up! We get a taste of winter this weekend.

Before you start thinking that it’s too early for snow, this time of year is about when we start seeing our first dusting of snow in the Stateline.


Average dates for our first snow amounts.

We haven’t had our first snowflakes yet this fall season, so we are a little behind on that. This Friday happens to be the 20th, so our first accumulation is right on average.

What are we looking at? Several inches of snow look to fall between Friday night and Saturday morning, with lighter amounts north and south of the heavier band of snow.


Right now, it looks like the Stateline is right under the heavier band, with lighter amounts closer to Madison and south of I-80.

There is still a high amount of uncertainty with the storm track with this system. If the low wiggles more to the north, the heavier snow will be in southern Wisconsin, leaving us with lighter now (same if the low tracks more to the south).

futuretrack 2

The forecast for the storm track is still uncertain, which will dramatically change the snow amounts, depending on its direction.

The reason for the uncertainty? The low is still over the Pacific, which means there’s less data to analyze. Once it comes on-shore tomorrow, the storm track will become clearer, thanks to the amount of weather sensors and tools on land.

snow headlines

Stay tuned for snow amounts and timing on this storm. You may see maps of different forecast models throwing out outrageous amounts, so keep in mind that a lot may change over the next 60 hours (which is a lot of time before this event!).

What you can do is start prepping for this event, regardless of how much snow falls, since we are almost to Winter anyway.


Do you have all of your winter tools, including the snow blower, in working order and ready to go? Have you started putting together your winter emergency kit for your house and vehicle? What about winterizing your vehicle and house? This early snow storm is a nice reminder to start getting things ready! Also, start thinking about your Friday night and Saturday morning plans. Do they need to be adjusted, in case of winter weather?  No need to cancel anything, just food for thought!

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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on November 18, 2015

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