Friday Flurries

January 21, 2016: Flurries will be in the air Friday, but don’t look for much accumulation around the Stateline. Our neighbors to the east along the shores of Lake Michigan like Chicago and Milwaukee may see an inch or two out of the Lake Effect snow that sets up tomorrow.

Lake effect snow is much more prominent in areas like Buffalo, NY, but we can get occasional snow showers forming in this manner if conditions and the wind direction are right.

Lake effect snow is possible Friday, January 22

Lake effect snow is possible Friday, January 22

Lake effect snow occurs when colder air flows across the warmer air right over the surface of the lake. Because the warm, very moist lake air cools quickly as the colder air flows over it, snow showers are able to form. The wind blows those snow showers inland, and a ton of snow can fall, depending on how warm the lake is and how cold the air over it is.


Tomorrow won’t be a big snow-maker. Again, Chicago may see an inch or two in some spots, but the showers will fall apart the farther west they go, leading to just a dusting around the Stateline, if anything. Plan ahead if traveling into Chicago tomorrow and beware of slippery roads.


Futuretrack for Saturday, January 23. Heavy snow will strike the East Coast.

Snow forecast for January 22, 2016.

Snow forecast for January 22, 2016.

Thankfully, we avoid a monster snow storm heading to the East Coast. Heavy snow showers may dump up to 2 feet of snow over cities like Baltimore and Washington, DC, with blizzard conditions possible in Maryland. Traveling that way for the weekend? Be ready for a lot of airport delays!



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