Groundhog Day Storm?

January 28, 2016- You may have started to hear recently that a major winter storm may hit the Midwest next week between Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re here to say to not worry about this storm…yet.

The storm itself is still over the Pacific Ocean, and many miles and several days away. Therefore, if you start seeing snow maps or snow amounts, take those with a large grain of salt!  Here’s why: the storm track and timing widely varies, depending on what model you are looking at, at least right now. Also, for our area, we may see a lot of rain…or a mix of rain and snow, or even freezing rain.  It will come down to how warm temperatures are that particular day and night, which will be determined by the storm track.


We can say that the forecast models are showing a strong storm coming in, but each handles the storm differently, which is why it’s not worth it to put out maps of this storm yet.  The models all have one thing in common- strong winds look to come with this storm, regardless of where it tracks.

So what’s the message here? Keep an eye on the forecast, and maybe even think a little about what you may need to do to prepare for the storm.  Don’t make any drastic preparations yet, just start coming up with a list of possible things to do in your head. We’ll start putting out forecasts for this storm as we get closer to the event! Stay tuned!

– Alex


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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on January 28, 2016

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