Mild January So Far

January 15, 2016: Despite the recent harsh cold snap, it’s been a pretty mild January so far. While this month has not been nearly as warm as December was (hard to beat the warmest December on record!), we’ve spent most of our time at or above average:


The roller coaster rolls on this weekend! Earlier in the week we jumped from -1° to 40° in the span of a day and a half; now we slide down by the same amount over the weekend.


Temperatures will drop to -1° Sunday morning, and only get back into the single digits for the afternoon high. While we typically get these very cold days in January, it feels worse because of the mild weather sprinkled in between.  Don’t let the cold catch you off guard, however!  Wind chill values may be in the teens or colder below zero, which means frostbite within a half of an hour.

Friendly reminder: Keep a close eye on the kids, give the pets a warm place to rest or bring them indoors, and limit your time out in the cold. When venturing out, have plenty of layers on, and cover up.

Stay warm this weekend!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on January 15, 2016

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