Back to Reality (late February edition)

February 22, 2016: Who enjoyed the 50° warmth over the weekend? Wasn’t that nice? The weather pattern this week is a subtle reminder that winter isn’t over just yet.

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First off, having the 40’s in February is still doing pretty well. Average highs are between 37° to 39° this time of year, so even cracking 40° feels pretty nice (though not substantially above average).  We should remain close to average, if not a little above, each day this week.

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The winds are coming back as well, as a by-product of the temperatures whipping back and forth between the middle 40’s and the middle 30’s. While not like Friday’s hard-hitting 60 mph gusts, we should see wind gusts reach 30 mph each of the days listed in the graphic, making the weather blustery for a few days this week.

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Finally, we are keeping an eye on a major snow-maker…just not necessarily here. The latest major winter storm looks to hit Michigan with up to 6″ of snow, with areas of Indiana and Illinois getting in on the fun as well. Right now, Rockford looks to get flurries and windy weather out of the storm only.

Snow forecast for Wednesday (valid 8:30 pm Monday, Feb. 22)

Snow forecast for Wednesday (valid 8:30 pm Monday, Feb. 22)

However, if you have any business or reason to go into Chicago on Wednesday, keep a close eye on the weather. A few inches of snow plus the blustery winds are possible for the Windy City in the middle of the week.

For those unhappy with winter “returning” this week, keep in mind- the official start to Spring is less than a month away!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on February 22, 2016

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