Friday’s High Winds

February 19, 2015: Friday’s winds were a little much at times, with hazardous conditions even popping up at wind gusts topped 60 mph! A fast-moving, very strong area of low pressure combined with dry air and sunshine allowed the strong winds from higher in the atmosphere to reach the surface, blasting us with 50-60 mph wind gusts for parts of the day.

Top wind gusts for February 19

Top wind gusts for February 19

Not surprisingly, we had all sorts of issues with the wind, from power flickers and outages to semi rollovers to downed tree limbs and branches.

Courtesy: Lisa Cushman Hasting

Courtesy: Lisa Cushman Hasting

Take a good look at the semi, and remember, on very windy days like this, to take it slower and have a firm grip on the steering wheel.  Granted, semi trucks catch the wind a lot easier, but the power of the wind can cause accidents.


High temperatures for February 19

High temperatures for February 19

On the positive side, check out our temperatures! Saturday will be in the 50’s, and highs almost reached the 60’s, which would have been the only the 9th time on record in Rockford. Enjoy the warmth while it’s here!

– Alex


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