Storm Spotter Training Season

Feb. 26, 2016: It’s that time of year again to start thinking about severe weather. I know we are barely out of winter, but that’s why it’s a good time: you have plenty of days to prepare before spring severe weather season kicks off!

If you are at all curious or enthusiastic about severe weather, do your community a favor and attend the National Weather Service’s storm spotter training class this upcoming Tuesday.  Why?

1) It’s free!  Well, almost free: the class is 2 hours long, so you’ll have to give up part of your evening.

2) You’ll be properly trained to report severe weather. Why’s that important? Storm spotters provide potentially life-saving observations.  Even as new technology emerges to help the NWS issue warnings with more lead time, NWS meteorologists can’t be everywhere at once, and technology can’t fully replace having trained individuals confirming on the ground what the radar is indicating.

3) You’ll help your community: as mentioned above, your reports help confirm what the NWS is able to see on radar, satellite, etc., which in turn helps get warnings out quicker.  The faster your neighbors know about a warning, the more time they have to get to a safe place.

The NWS will be in Cherry Valley to host Winnebago County on March 1st, and in Dixon to host Lee and Ogle Counties March 23rd. For more information, click here.  We at the 13 Weather Authority know how much of a help storm spotters provide during severe weather season, so we hope you are able to attend!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on February 26, 2016

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