Windy Wednesday

March 16, 2016: Unlike last night when severe thunderstorms kicked up strong winds, today’s very strong and blustery winds have nothing to do with thunderstorms.

WREX 2016

Instead, we can look to a deep area of low pressure near Green Bay, WI, for why we are getting pummeled with high wind gusts today.  The air around the region tries to fill in the “divot” in the atmosphere, but due to the rotation of the Earth, the strong air flow, which we know as wind, rotates around the low. A few other factors come into play, but the deeper the low, the stronger the winds.

Storm Spotters 5

Today’s round of very windy weather featured wind gusts over 50 mph, which knocked down trees, power lines, branches, and even some light posts in Chicago. Driving became very difficult, and likely more than a few trash cans escaped their owners’ yards for while.

The winds will be settling down this evening, but will remain blustery for a while through Thursday.

– Alex


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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on March 16, 2016

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