Summer 2016 Outlook

May 31, 2016: Here comes Summer 2016! Well, at least “meteorological summer” starts June 1st. It is looking likely that we’ll have a warmer to hot summer ahead.

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First, we’ve been on a hot streak leading up to the start of summer. Today marked the 11th day in a row in the 80’s, which is a rare streak for May. In fact, this is the 4th longest stretch of 80’s that we’ve seen in May. The streak ends today, since the month is ending.

Looking ahead to the summer months, we may be in for a pretty warm summer. Overall, we are transitioning from El Niño to La Niña. This has bigger implications during our winters (a La Niña this winter may mean colder than average conditions), but during the change to La Niña during the summer usually means hot weather is ahead.

The Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for the summer months (June, July, August) looks like this:

Summer Outlook2

Much of the West Coast, and sections of the Northeast are looking likely to have a hot summer. Much of the East, including sections of Wisconsin and northeast Illinois, will likely have warmer than average weather. This means plenty of warm days in the upper 80’s to possibly plenty of 90° days, but still some cool days and not too many unbearable hot stretches.

Summer Outlook

The weather pattern also looks to keep us near average for rainfall, but it could be a wet summer for much of Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. New England also looks to be wetter than usual.

Remember, this is an average of all 3 summer months, so in total we should be warm to hot this summer, but day-to-day and month-to-month may vary a little with cool or wet weather or both popping up from time to time.

Get ready to bring on the heat! Cheers to summer!



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