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June 6, 2016: The weather may be cooling off a little for June 7, but by Friday (June 10), the weather may be a good 20° warmer!

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Yes, we are looking at our first crack at 90° days in 2016. A quick look back at the last 2 years shows we haven’t had a ton of these hot days the last few summers. 2015 had nearly the average amount, and 2014 was very cool with only 2 days in the 90’s. 2 days!

Part of this may be due to El Niño or La Niña.  The last few summers coming out of a La Niña winter, we’ve been lacking in the 90° department, and 2014 was one of those cases (the 2013-2014 winter was a La Niña winter, so the following Summer 2014 was cool). Last year was a neutral year (“normal” or a very weak El Niño/La Niña), so we had our typical amount of the 90’s. Now that we are leaving a very strong El Niño from this last winter, we may be in for plenty of 90° days this summer.

Cold Blast

Jet stream pattern for Tuesday


Looking short term, this is how the week will be shaking out.  We will see the jet stream dip to the south of us for Tuesday into Wednesday, allowing some cooler air to spill in for the time being. During this time, a strong ridge is forming well up into Canada on the West Coast, allowing heat to build northward and give those areas a blast of hot summer weather.

Cold Blast2

Jet stream pattern by Friday

That ridge transitions east by Friday, allowing hot air to flood the Midwest, and provide possibly a few days in the 90’s. Also during this time, we’ll see moisture get directed into our region, making the weather not only hot but muggy too.  The “feel’s like” conditions with the heat and humidity combined may be in the upper 90’s by Saturday, so get the fans, A/C, and slip-and-slide ready for the weekend; it’ll be a hot one!



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