Hot (and Stormy) Weekend

June 10, 2016: We made it! This afternoon was our first day in the 90’s for 2016. With above average temperatures forecasted for this summer, there’s a good chances we’ll see at least several more days like today.

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Having the 90’s pretty early in June almost puts us in record territory.  We weren’t too far away from the record high today (98° set in 1933), and we’ll likely be a handful of degrees away from the record tomorrow.

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What might fall is the record for the overnight low.  Tonight’s forecast has us potentially tying the record, at the least.  That does mean we’ll be off to a very warm start tomorrow, and the day will feel worse than today, mostly due to higher humidity and less of a breeze.  The heat index (or “feel’s like” conditions) will be near 100°, so make sure to follow the safety tips that you likely have stashed away in your brain for days like these:

-Drink lot’s of water! Sports drinks help, but they can be pretty sugary.  Water intake is the best way to go.

-Take it easy! You can still get outside and enjoy the heat, but take plenty of breaks, especially in a cool or air conditioned place.  This will give your body a break from fighting off the heat, so you don’t suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

-If you do have to do something strenuous or exercise outdoors, do it early in the day before the heat sets in (usually before 10) or in the evening when the heat is dying down.

-Loose, light colored clothing helps ward off the heat as well.

-Don’t forget about your pets! Give them plenty of water and shade if they have to be outside, or bring them in as much as possible to give them a break from the heat. Also, never leave your pet in a locked car in the heat!

The heat and humidity will charge up the atmosphere, so we’ll have to watch out for thunderstorms Saturday evening as a front moves through. While the wind shear isn’t great, we may still see a few storms capable of producing large hail.




The storms will be scattered, so not all areas may see intense thunderstorm activity. In addition to the hail threat, the storms may be moving slow enough to cause flooding concerns, as the high humidity can help set up heavy rainfall.





Stick with the 13 Weather Authority during the day tomorrow on, and we’ll keep you updated on the heat and the threat for storms. The weather will cool down plenty by Sunday after the cold front passes.

Stay cool, and have a great weekend!

– Alex


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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on June 10, 2016

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