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June 1, 2016: Yesterday I wrote a quick blurb about how the summer weather may pan out (link: http://addins.wrex.com/blogs/weather/2016/05/summer-2016-outlook), so now that we are kicking off the month of June, here’s a look ahead at how the month may shape up, at least to the Climate Prediction Center:

One Month Outlook

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Warm to hot conditions are likely in the West (and especially the Pacific Northwest) as well as for the Deep South and Florida.  It may be a cool start to summer for the Great Plains states in into Texas. For our area, we should be near average.  There may be some hot and cool days sprinkled in, but overall the weather will average out to be in the low 80’s most days.

One Month Outlook2

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The precipitation outlook is pretty interesting. First, above average rainfall is likely for a good portion of Texas, and especially around Houston. The city was hit very hard recently with flash flooding, so a wet month there doesn’t sound good. Secondly, just to the south of the Stateline, is a bull’s-eye for drier than average weather for central and southern Illinois, in addition to a lot of Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. We’ll have to see just how close the drier than usual weather area gets to us, and if we’ll feel any effects as well.

Looking at the overall picture: if this summer is supposed to be warmer than average, then we may be easing into the heat, if this month is supposed to be near average. July and August may end up being hotter than usual, so June could give us a little time before the heat really sets in.

Keep this outlook in the back of your mind, and we’ll revisit it at the end of the month and see how the forecast compares to reality.



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