Topsy-turvy Temperatures

June 17, 2016:

You know what they say about Midwest weather…wait a few seconds/minutes/hours/days, and it’ll change!

Earlier this week we went from 90° on Wednesday to 75° on Thursday, then jumped back to the mid-80’s today, with the 90’s coming this weekend. The big temperature swings aren’t over yet.

Cold Blast

First, the heat this weekend- the jet stream will be arching well into Canada, allowing the hot weather to build northward, which started today. We also will see our “window” to the Gulf of Mexico open again, providing a spike in the humidity again. By Sunday, it’ll feel like the mid-90’s when you factor in the muggy air.

Cold Blast 2

Starting Monday, the jet stream takes a tumble south of us, allowing cooler, drier Canadian air to spill into the region. So again, we’ll go from the 90’s for a few days, to the 70’s for a few days.

You might be thinking: don’t we usually get nasty weather when changing from one temperature extreme to another? We had weather like that Tuesday night when the heat and humidity came blasting in for Wednesday.  That may not be the case Monday evening when the cooler air arrives. First, we won’t have great wind shear. We need that to get the storms to spin a little, which helps severe thunderstorms to form. We may get another round of heavy to torrential rain, however. Those high dew points means there’s a lot of moisture that can get squeezed out of the air, so beware that Monday could bring a lot of rain, like last Tuesday night.

Billboard 4

You also may be thinking: when will the big swings in temperatures stop? It may take a while. The jet stream looks pretty wavy through the end of the month, which means more of the back-and-forth between the 70’s and the 90’s. Looking beyond that gets a little murky, but we may be seeing more of these swings back and forth into July, but not as sudden, meaning longer stretches of one end or the other before changing back and forth.

Heat Check

For those keeping track, we’ve had 4 days in the 90’s so far, with another 1 to 3 coming between Saturday and Monday. We usually see around 15 days of the 90’s during a typical summer, so we could potentially be at the half way point of our average amount by next week, and it’s only June!

Stay cool this weekend, and remember, cooler weather is only a few days away if you aren’t a fan of the heat!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on June 17, 2016

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