Tornado wrap-up

June 23, 2016: Now that the National Weather Service has had time to analyze the damage left over from last night’s tornadoes, here are the findings:

In total, eleven tornadoes struck northern Illinois, with a lot of them clustered between I-88 and I-80. The majority were also EF-1’s, which feature wind speeds around 100 mph.

June 22 Illinois Tornadoes

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The tornado closest to home for all of us was in Lee County, striking near West Brooklyn. The tornado was on the ground for a little over 2 miles, and was 300 yards wide. With winds over 100 mph, this tornado was rated as an EF-1.

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Click on image to zoom in.

The ingredients for very strong thunderstorms and tornadoes were definitely there last night.  The warm front basically determined the location of all these nasty storms. Once we put the warm front on the map, you can see how the tornadoes (and the supercells that spawned them) basically rode or followed the warm front into central Illinois.

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Click on image to zoom in.

Since the atmosphere was so explosive, we were hoping the warm front didn’t make it too far north, since it would focus the intense severe weather across our area instead of mostly south of us.

Looking ahead, thunderstorms are looking possible Saturday night into Sunday, but severe weather isn’t likely right now. We’ll keep you update, as always, if we do see anything concerning!

– Alex


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