Another cool day, but hot, muggy weather is back very soon…

July 1, 2016: Happy Friday! We are now half way through the year! There are 183 days left to 2016.

We likely won’t be seeing cool temperatures for much longer, since the weather heats up in a big way going into next week. We get rid of the cool northwest air flow in the jet, and see southwesterly jet stream winds return.

Jet stream pattern next week

Jet stream pattern next week

The jet stream also retreats well off to the north and ridges, allowing a lot of hot, humid air back into the Midwest. We’ll likely see highs in the 90’s for a few days, with the heat index near 100. Whew!

July outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

July outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

On top of all that, the latest prediction for the month of July as a whole shows above average weather likely to stick around, and not just here, but from coast to coast across the Lower 48.  We may be seeing a lot of hot days in the near future, so soak up the cooler weather while it’s here!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on July 1, 2016

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