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July 25, 2016: Ahhh…that’s a little better! After 4 sweltering days, the temperature and humidity dipped down to what we usually see this time of year, giving us some relief from the very muggy weather.



The humidity was the big difference in how it felt outside during the latest heat wave. While temperatures in the middle 90’s aren’t unheard of, pairing that with the almost tropical humidity added about 15° onto the heat index, pushing us to “feel’s like” conditions in the 100’s nearly every day during the latest hot spell.

The high humidity also helped fuel very heavy and intense rainfall at times, giving many spots 2″ to 4″ of rain over the last four days. Rockford usually only sees just under 4″ of rain for the MONTH, so getting a half to full month’s worth of rain in a few hours leads to plenty of headaches, like flash flooding.

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The dew point temperature (which shows an accurate measurement of how humid the atmosphere is) topped 78° several times, and at one point reached the low 80’s on Sunday. We rarely see dew points that high. In fact, over the last 46 years, we’ve only had dew points measure at or above 78° one quarter of one percent of the time! Wow! It was definitely “air you can wear” this weekend!

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Thankfully, for those who don’t like dealing with the excessive heat and extreme humidity, we have some relief this week. Dew points should stay below 70° (which is a lot more comfortable), and temperatures stay below 90° as well. In fact, late this week, the forecast call for conditions barely to 80° this weekend, which is a far cry from the hot and very muggy weather we’ve had lately!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on July 25, 2016

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