Losing Daylight

September 14, 2016: You may have noticed the days getting a lot shorter lately, which is a clear sign that fall is almost here. The autumnal equinox (our “official” start of fall) is next Thursday, the 22nd. That’s when the Earth is roughly straight up and down on its axis, giving us nearly equal hours of daytime and nighttime. The tilt of the Earth is also why we’re getting shorter days; the sun is lower on the horizon, reducing the amount of time it’s “up” in the sky.

losing daylight 1

The closer we get to this date, the quicker we end up losing daylight. We’ve seen our amount of daytime shrink by about 3 minutes a day since the start of the month. It may not sound like much, but over the course of 10 days, we lose a good 30 minutes of daylight, with another 30 minutes gone by the beginning of Autumn. That’s 1 hour of daytime gone in about 3 weeks!

losing daylight 2

In total, we’ve lost nearly 3 hours of daylight from the start of summer (approximately the longest day of the year) until now. I know this isn’t fun to think about, but we’ll keep losing daylight until the start of winter. By then, sunrise will be at 7:22 am on December 21, with sunset at 4:27 pm. We’ll lose another 3 hours of daylight before we reverse course and the days slowly get longer.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on September 14, 2016

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