Fast start to snow season

Dec. 13, 2016: The snow has piled up quickly this December in the Stateline! 2 rounds of snow have piled up 11.6″ of snow so far in Rockford, which is impressive for a variety of reasons.

#1: We are already above average for snow for the WHOLE month.

Dec Snow Avg

A typical December averages 11.3″ of snow. We are sitting at 11.6″ after 2 snowfalls, with potentially another heavy round coming this weekend. The most snow a December has received on record: 30.1″ during December 2000. Usually there’s only around 3″ of snow on the ground, if this was an average month.

#2: We have already had half the amount of snow of all of last winter!

Remember, last winter was influenced by one of the warmest El NiƱo’s on record, providing very warm conditions. As a result, only 24″ of snow fell all of last winter. We are almost halfway there, and winter’s barely started.

#3: The last 2 Decembers have been very dry for snow, so this December feels extra snowy in comparison.

2016: 11.6″*** (with more to come)

2015: 5.2″

2014: 0.1″ (one of the drier Decembers on record, and definitely one of the least snowy ever)

2013: 17.7″

In fact, if you combine the last 2 Decembers, and double them, you almost get this month’s total so far. Wow!

Again, we’ll be adding to this total with another potential snow storm on the way this weekend. White Christmas, here we come!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on December 13, 2016

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